woensdag 13 maart 2013

Individuele coaching - Ildiko Toros

Dear Charlotte! 

Thank You very much the opportunity to experience the constellation with
horses. It was a big gift and a very deep inner trip. From the first second I found
myself in a deep energy field without saying a word. 

We worked with five
horses, one mare and four stallions. The mare supported me in this process
from the beginning, I felt an unconditioned acceptance, secure from her
side and it helped me during the hole process very much. Somehow the mare
brought back a lot of lost feelings. As my mother was suicide when I was
ten, I have lost a lot of feelings then wich all came back to me.
The horses showed me, that I still morn for my lost twin, and I couldn"t
believe there is enough place for me too. 

I felt a big security by your side, I was absolutely sure that You are able
to see my hole sistem and You are able to lead this process. I feel lucky
to meet You.
Now this process is still working inside, I promis to write You a longer
letter after two or three weeks. I will see then the changes better. 

Kind regards 
Ildiko Toros

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