maandag 9 januari 2012

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News / Look in the mirror via a horse

Horse Coaching to improve the mental health of individuals, families, and groups is more and more popular. Dressage Stable Pais got in contact with Dutch Charlotte van Iersel. The employees of Dressage Stable Pais got a coaching of her last week and it was a very special experience.

The horse you work with is used as a mirror because it mirrors the behavior, feeling, problem of the person he makes a connection with. In this way Charlotte explains the behavior of the horse and this relates to the person in the coaching. For example a manager in a company has difficulties with managing in a good way. By working with Charlottes horses you learn more about behavior, attitude and getting things done from the horse. Also, personal (family) problems can be mirrored by horses. Via tips and advises you are taught to deal with it in a better or different way.

Employees Bartjan van Weert and Vanessa Peeters and Jolanda Westelaken, who helps at the barn during weekends and holidays, have had a really nice coaching.

Have a look at, the website of Charlotte van Iersel

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